Classica Catering Venues - things you need to consider

Event Venue – 4 things you need to consider

Availability and Cost

The first thing to consider about a venue for your event is if it is available and in your price range for the date and time.  Most caterers will recommend that as soon as you have decided upon a date, you should book your venue. In considering where you want to hold your party your costings will need to include not just food and beverage costs, but decorations, perhaps flowers, your outfit for the day and any other extras you want to include to make your event special.

If you have though about a venue, make sure you shortlist several so the you can have a Plan B if your first preference falls through or is not available for the day.

Venue Ambience

When you host your event, the most important thing about your venue once you have shortlisted options in your price range is ambience.  Think about the venue and how it will fit with your vision.  Important things to consider are if your event is a day or night function?  Does the space fit the number of guest you wish to invite?  Are there modern and clean facilities eg toilets available? Is the seating sufficient?  Does the decor suit the look you are going for?

Classic Catering things to consider when choosing a venue

Parking at Venue

Parking needs to be close to the venue, secure and preferably free.  When your guests are arriving at your chosen venue, they do not want to have to worry about parking fees and parking time limits.  If they have dressed formally for your event, it is also better if they do not have to navigate long distances or stairways.

Venue Kitchen facilities

When choosing a venue, if you a wishing to have a creative menu with a variety of classic dishes, you will need to confirm that there are kitchen facilities at the venue.  Most caterers are very self-sufficient but heating options are always the way to go.  Having running hot and cold water, power, and benches on which to plate food is also required.

venue for your event
Classic Catering – Things to consider when choosing a venue