Delicious Sweet Delights

The sweet delights offered by Classic Catering range from bite-sized treats to beautifully crafted plated desserts. With our wide selection there is a sweet treat for every persons’ tasebuds.

When you are thinking of catering for your event, it is usual to start your planning with your canapes, entrees and mains. But don’t forget some sweet delights for your guests. Ending an event with a delicious sweet treat is a sure-fire way to ensure your guests leave satisfied. And literally with a sweet taste in their mouth.

And if you’re thinking what sweet delights are near me, think no further than Classic Catering.  Our commercial kitchen is located at Four Leaves Food Store and we have an extensive range of sweets and treats.

Classic Catering provides you with the perfect variety of finger food desserts including: macarons, mini tartlets, and mini cupcakes. We also have large cakes and desserts for your seated dining or buffet function. All that is left for you to do is focus on your guests and have a great time.

Classic Catering sweet delights like these macaroons are a great addition for your function menu