Our Classic Calamari Salad is a delicious option for seated events and provides crisp and flavoursome textures for diners.

Seated Dining Selections

For formal and larger gatherings, Classic Catering provides alternate drop seated dining options. We help you make your selection from our fresh seasonal menu ideas which cater to the needs of all your guests.

Classic favourites for seated dining include slow braised beef, tender fillet steak, grilled salmon with lemon sauce,seasoned greens, roasted chat potatoes, Greek salad, lemon tart, petit fours and more.


Classic Catering located in Rosanna Victoria has a range of finger food, buffet and seated dining options to suit your budget.

We provide experienced kitchen and serving staff who ensure your function will run seamlessly. With over two decades of experience, we know how to make your event enjoyable and unforgettable.