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Welcome to the Gallery of Images at Classic Catering. This gallery is a visual feast, showcasing the artistry and diversity of our culinary offerings across various categories.

  •  Appetizers: Our appetizers gallery features a variety of bite-sized delights, from elegant canapés to hearty sliders. Each image captures the detail and presentation of our appetizers, inviting you to start your culinary journey with us.
  • Grazing: The grazing gallery showcases our abundant grazing tables, laden with artisan cheeses, cured meats, marinated vegetables, fresh fruits, and more. The images in this category reflect the casual and communal dining experience that our grazing service offers.
  • Dining: Our dining gallery presents images of our main courses, beautifully plated and ready to be savoured. From intimate dinners to grand banquets, the images capture the essence of our dining experience.
  • Desserts: The dessert gallery is a sweet ending to our visual tour. It features images of our decadent desserts, from rich chocolate cakes to delicate pastries, each one a testament to the skill of our pastry chefs.

Each image in our gallery not only showcases our food but also tells a story of the care, creativity, and passion that goes into every dish we create at Classic Catering. We invite you to explore our gallery and get a taste of what we have to offer.

For over 20 years, the team at Classic Catering have worked in functions and catering. We know how to make your group event a success.  Speak with us today.

Classic Catering Calamari salad with grilled calamari, fresh salad and orange segments
Classic Catering pan seared salmon with lemon and dill sauce
Grazing Boxes can be Savoury, Sweet or Breakfast

Classic Catering offer a collection of menus you can choose from. We have the Finger Food, Buffet, Grazing and High Teas.

You are certain to find an option which suits your budget and your function.

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