Classic Catering

Five Favourite Dishes when Catering For Your Next Event

Prawn & Ginger Dumplings top the list of favourite dishes

A real crowd pleaser are our Classic Catering Prawn & Ginger Dumplings. Tasty, filling and fresh these are popular with all your guests as they can be eaten from a dumpling spoon in one to two mouthfuls. No need to put down your glass of Riesling!

Pulled Pork Sliders never go out of style as favourite dishes

For as long as people will love burgers, they will love Classic Catering Pulled Pork Sliders. The key is in the 12-hour slow cooked pork shoulder which we lovingly prepare with tender and tasty results. Combined with slaw on brioche buns, Sliders will forever be the first off the serving tray when your guests are around.

Favourite dishes when catering

Smoked Salmon Blinis provide a delicate option.

Sometimes you just want light, fresh and delicious. Classic Catering Smoked Salmon Blinis are a contemporary twist on a much-loved classic. Our clients tell us that these delicious bite-sized Blinis provide a lovely counterpoint to hot menu items as they are served cold and combine the delicious flavours of smoked salmon, whipped dill cream cheese, and buttery soft blinis.

Baked Empanadas

A firm favourite are our Classic Catering Empanadas with options available for your guests in both minced beef & cheddar, roasted corn & sweet chili and sweet potato & cashew. The latter two are also vegan which will please your guests who favour these items.  Empanadas are filling and complement a beer or crisp white wine. Your guests will love them!

Wild Mushroom Arancini are crowd pleasers.

A vegetarian option which can also be made gluten-free, Classic Catering Wild Mushroom Arancini are full of flavour. Wild mushrooms, arborio rice, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese combine to produce a taste sensation. These bite-sized treats are great for standup cocktail functions or can be served on a pea-purée for seated dining.Five favourite dishes or foods when catering for your next event.