Classic Canapes


with a  50  person minimum


tasty dumplings served hot with a chilli dressing

finely chopped mushrooms mixed with fresh herbs and rice are a delicious vegetarian option

melted cheese and spinach make these gluten-free tarts, bite-sized and tasty

Tasty Quiche Lorraine and Quiche Florentine tartlets

Delicious Skewers drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar

Classic sausage rolls made with our secret recipe and served with tomato sauce

Mini lemon tartlets with a sweet shortcrust base

Classic silky caramel filling atop a biscuit base topped with melted dark chocolate

Classic mini custard tarts topped with seasonal fruit and coated with a sweet glaze

Contemporary favourite of creamy vanilla custard in deliciously flaky pastry 

*GST not included

Premium Canapes


with a  50  person minimum


Mini blinis with whipped cream cheese, delicately infused with preserved lemon,  and topped with smoked salmon

Juicy pulled pork filling topped with Asian slaw served on a brioche bun

Succulent fried chicken with a tasty chilli-based dragon sauce 

Delicious and full-flavoured vegetarian croquette filled with corn and melted manchego cheese and topped with garlic aioli

Contemporary style croquette with flavoursome jamon and melted manchego cheese served with garlic aioli

Mini wagyu burgers with a succulent wagyu beef patty, cheese and fresh salad in a brioche bun

Creamy goat cheese and housemade fig jam served on crostini and topped with caramelised onion

Succulent lamb served on a stick topped with a fresh, creamy cucumber and yoghurt sauce

Smoked salmon bites with lemon and dill cream cheese

Tender King prawns covered in crispy panko crumbs served with spicy gochujang creamy aioli

Juicy chicken tenders served with housemade peanut satay sauce

Tasty grilled prawns topped with house made chilli, garlic and lime sauce

Fresh and tasty prawn cocktail with avocado served on a crispy sesame cracker

Juicy delicately seasoned beef meatballs served with a tasty Napoli dipping sauce

Mini Goat Cheese tarts topped with caramelised onion

*GST not included

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