What does event catering look like in 2022?

With the easing of restrictions in Victoria and around Australia, many now have the opportunity to celebrate the life of their loved one.

But what does event catering look like in 2022? The Classic Catering Team have been catering in the COVID-19 environment and have the following insights.

Event catering in 2022 now includes QR Code checking in. For most functions this means checking in at the restaurant, venue or home in where the refreshments are being served. This is an easy set-up and we can assist you with managing your event so that the QR code is listed on you digital or paper invitations to your guests.

Another change to what event catering looks like in 2022 is that catering staff and site staff are wearing masks. For caterers, the well-being and safety of the guests they are serving, is of the utmost importance. Even is most guests are not wearing masks, you will most often find that serving staff are.

Event catering in 2022 now includes social distancing. We have all become used to this to an extent. However it is a difficult behaviour to adopt when celebrating a special event with family members and loved ones.

For caterers, social distancing includes placing food across more tables and ensuring there is adequate hand sanitiser and napkins available for attendees.

Celebrate in Summer and Spring, because people hibernate in Autumn and Winter…”

Classic Catering Team

The social distancing for a event catering in 2022 also is taken into account when placing food on platters, and ensuring there is plenty of space between food items.

When setting up a space for guests, event caterers in 2022 are now also conscious of placing seating with social distancing between chairs and in smaller groups. Oftentimes when weather permits, windows are opened and doors and exits are also left open. A take-home point from this is the old adage of “celebrate in summer and spring because people hibernate in autumn and winter.”

In taking these steps, caterers for funerals in 2022 can increase the safety and comfort for guests at what is always a difficult and emotional time.