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How can I Arrange Corporate and Conference Catering: Key Factors to Consider


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Corporate catering or conference catering is for business-related events, such as meetings, seminars, workshops, product launches, or training sessions.

Corporate catering can range from simple drop-off deliveries of sandwiches, salads, or pastries, to full-service buffets, plated meals, or cocktail receptions, depending on the size, budget, and purpose of the event.

Corporate catering can also include equipment hire, staff hire, venue hire, and entertainment options, depending on the needs and preferences of the client.

Classic Catering-corporate-and-conference-catering

Organising conference or corporate catering can be a challenging task, but also a rewarding one if done well. There are several factors that you need to consider when planning your catering, such as:

The number of guests for your conference catering:

This will affect the amount and type of food you need to order, as well as the service style and the venue capacity.

You should have a clear estimate of the expected attendance and communicate it with your caterer in advance.

The conference catering budget:

This will determine the quality and variety of food you can offer, as well as the level of service and presentation. You should have a realistic budget and stick to it, while also looking for ways to save money without compromising quality.

For example, you can choose seasonal and local ingredients, opt for a buffet instead of a plated service, or negotiate discounts with your caterer.

The menu options:

This will reflect the theme and purpose of your event, as well as the dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests.

You should offer a balanced and diverse menu that caters to different tastes, cultures, and needs. You should also consider the time of day, the duration, and the format of your event when choosing the menu.

For example, you can offer light snacks and beverages for a short morning meeting, or a full-course meal for a long evening gala.

The service style:

This will influence the atmosphere and the interaction of your event, as well as the logistics and the staffing.

You should choose a service style that matches the tone and the objective of your event, as well as the venue and the budget. For example, you can choose a formal and elegant service with waitstaff and plated meals, or a casual and interactive service with food stations and self-serve options.

Classic Catering-corporate-and-conference-catering
Classic Catering Buffet Style


The benefits of Conference Catering:

  • It can save time and hassle for the organisers, who can focus on the core objectives of the event, rather than worrying about the food and drinks.
  • It can enhance the image and reputation of the company, by showing professionalism, hospitality, and attention to detail.
  • It can improve the mood and productivity of the attendees, by providing them with delicious, nutritious, and varied food and drinks, that cater to their dietary requirements and preferences.
  • It can create a positive and memorable impression on the guests, clients, or partners, by offering them a high-quality and enjoyable catering experience.

The safety and hygiene measures:

This will ensure the health and well-being of your guests, as well as the compliance with the regulations and standards.

You should choose a reputable and professional caterer that follows the best practices and protocols for food preparation, handling, and delivery. You should also provide adequate facilities and equipment for sanitation, such as hand sanitisers, disposable utensils, and waste bins.

These are some of the main aspects that you need to consider when organising conference or corporate catering. For more information, or if you wish to discuss option with us, contact us here at Classic Catering.