Classic Cold Canapes for Easy Catering

Classic Cold Canapés for Easy Catering

Sometimes our clients will ask for ambient or cold canapes for easy catering. Can this be done? Of course it can! And one of the great features of our finger food menu is the variety of cold canapés.

So what are the best cold canapés to choose? Recently we were asked to cater for a corporate function which included a product launch.  The event took place in a city office space and the duration was 2 hours. As is often the case, the function went across a meal time, so hearty and filling food was required. Here are our tips for classic cold canapés:

Brie & Plum Jam Bruschetta

Combining the filling qualities of French baguette with delicious smooth brie and piquant plum jam, these canapés are beyond moreish.  Aside from being tasty they are easy for guest to hold and eat (not dripping sauce onto their white shirts) and are filling for any hungry attendee.

Classic Cold Canapes for easy catering

Smoked Salmon Blinis

Smoked salmon blinis are a traditional favourite classic cold canapé. With the tenderness of the smoked salmon and the tastiness of our signature lemon infused creamy cream cheese piped with a flourish onto the blini, this canapés is a definite crowd pleaser.

Bocconcini, Cherry Tomato and Basil  Skewers

A classic cold canapé menu is incomplete unless it has these delicious skewers. Again these are easy for guests to hold and eat while they are enjoying a glass of wine and the taste sensation of the cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil will keep your attendees coming back for more.