Best Sweets to Serve your guests include Traditional Pavlova

3 Best Sweets to Serve Your Guests

The best sweets to serve your guests is something that crosses anyone’s mind who is planning an event where food is a central feature.

So what are the three best sweets to serve your guests? While there are an endless array of options to choose from, at Classic Catering we have tried many and our clients have overwhelmingly voted. The three best sweets to serve your guests are Sticky Date Pudding, Lemon Tart and Traditional Pavlova.

Best Sweets to Serve your guests include Sticky Date Pudding

One of the best sweets to serve your guests is…you guessed it… Sticky Date Pudding. So where does Sticky Date Pudding come from? And what makes it so delicious?

Sticky Date Pudding or Sticky Toffee Pudding has its origins in the United Kingdom – the home of puddings. The tastiness and moist texture comes from the finely chopped dates and lashings of sugar contained in the cake and revisited in the super-sweet butterscotch sauce that the pudding is well-known for.

Lemon Tart is one of the best sweets to serve your guests

Lemon Tart is a long-held favourite when it comes to shortlisting popular sweets. The lemon curd custard is delicate in texture and tangy in flavour and it is this juxtaposition of gentle and bold which entices the diner. Teamed with a sweet crispy flake pastry case and topped with whipped cream, the lemon tart is unmistakably delicious and difficult to pass up when offered.

Traditional Pavlova

While those across the Tasman may claim the Pavlova as their own invention, we in Australia make our own claim that the delicate meringue dessert first appeared in 1926 and that the New Zealand dessert was jelly-based, therefore lacked any resemblance to the Pavlova we all know and love to this day.

Named for the iconic Russian ballerina, Anna Pavova, who toured the anitpodes in 1929, it is said this appearance of Anna spurred the invention of the Pavlova.

Interestingly, much research has been conducted on this meringue base sweet. As history shows, it was in fact invented by Germans as a windtorte in the 18th century.

Without doubt the Pavlova has become embedded in the Australian psyche and is undoubtedly one of the best sweets to serve at any function.